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At Hand in Hand, pediatric occupational therapists offer social skills training for children who lack such skills. Social skills are the skills we utilize when communicating and interacting with one another both verbally and non-verbally through bodily gestures and language. Acquiring social skills are vital since it enables an individual to form and maintain a relationship with others around them, such as when children make and sustain friendships at school. However, certain children lack the ability to develop any social skills and that is why pediatric occupational therapists at Hand in Hand work together with parents and children to acquire these skills necessary to lead a normal and independent life. We offer social skills training where children learn key skills in communicating and can practice these techniques with their peers. 

Helping children learn Social skills at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy

At Hand in Hand, children who can benefit from some social skill training are amongst those who have difficulty being flexible when playing with others, such as when it comes to taking turns during a gaming session with other children or children who have difficulty in maintaining a conversation or listening to and following instructions given by their peers. Children with non-verbal learning impairments may struggle with understanding social cues, such as body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Pediatrics occupational therapists at Hand in Hand provide a social skills group consisting of small groups of children to teach them how to interact appropriately with others their age.  A variety of themes, such as listening to and following instructions are explored by having the children engage in play activities and crafts. Children are taught how to identify feelings within themselves and others while also learning how to talk through conflicts and misunderstandings during their play with others.

At Hand in Hand, we are committed in educating and training both children and their parents about the later life difficulties associated to delayed development of social skills if not treated earlier. Pediatrics occupational therapists form small groups of children to allow for adequate attention to each child as well as provide the essential skills needed within a group. Parents are expected to play a major role in the development of their child by practicing the social skills training of the group at home.