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At Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy of L.I., we offer parents with children pediatric occupational therapy that allows the child to benefit from cognitive rehabilitation. In our day to day lives, we require both the use of physical and cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are acquired by the brain that allows us to think, learn, read, remember, attend to and solve problems. Difficulties with acquiring such skills can be associated with an injury to the brain or a traumatic or developmental delay in the child. Since the cognitive profile of every child varies, with some acquiring stronger cognitive skills than other skills, at Hand in Hand pediatric occupational therapists offer cognitive testing and training to enhance and strengthen the weak skills so parents and their children can lead an improved quality of life. 

Cognitive Skills Training At Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapists at Hand in Hand are trained to identify cognitive difficulties in children and the impact these difficulties have on every day skills for the child as well their parents. Pediatric occupational therapists provide cognitive skills training that is targeted towards strengthening the weak cognitive skills the child displays.  Cognitive training consists of having the child engage in fun and challenging exercises that work the brain, these include, exercises where the child has to remember and retain letters, shapes and sequences. At Hand in Hand, pediatric occupational therapists work one-on-one with the child to offer an effective and encouraging training session for the child as well as building a positive bond between the child and therapist. Each session is customized to meet the needs of the child’s delayed cognitive skills with tasks ranging from easy to difficult levels with levels of difficulty being normal so that the child does not undergo frustration or discouragement.

At Hand in Hand, we offer children treatment plans that are dependent on the conditions they display with length of treatment varying for every child. The fundamental foundation of pediatric occupational therapists at Hand in Hand, is to help each child achieve as much independence in their day to day lives be it at home, school or within a community.