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Founder of Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy of LI, Noha has been an Occupational Therapist for over 8 years in a wide range of facilities including Acute Trauma and Community hospitals, outpatient Hand Therapy facilities, and Early intervention with children. She holds Bachelors in Health Science from Stony Brook University and Bachelors/Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from Touro College where she specialized in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation. She has special interests in Fabrication of custom dynamic/static splints.

Her vision for Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy of LI is to provide one-on-one comprehensive and specialized rehabilitation services. She aims to provide high quality rehabilitation by assessing and treating the patient holistically and not as a diagnosis. Her drive comes from her passion for helping people and ensuring they return to their daily lives including work and leisure activities. For Noha, staying up to date on evidence based practice and latest trends in therapy by attending conferences and seminars are a priority.

Noha’s hobbies include traveling and participating in athletic events. Recently, she visited Italy, Cuba, and Bermuda. She has also run three half marathons, and she aspires to add more to her list. Additionally, her passion comes from her six-year-old daughter.