Pediatric OT

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At Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy of L.I., we provide Pediatric Occupational Therapy services that focus on assisting children into developing the essential skills needed to mature into functional and independent adults through the years. At Hand in Hand we are compassionate towards the well-being of children growing up with the ability to perform everyday tasks and lead a normal life. Physical impairments and other related disorders can weaken a child’s mental and physical ability to engage in everyday tasks causing a delay in both social and cognitive development. Pediatric occupational therapists at Hand in Hand highly encourage parents to seek treatment and management programs to improve their child’s quality of life before more problems occur due to delayed treatment. Pediatric occupational therapists are highly committed in assisting children in acquiring both social and cognitive skills. 

What areas can a Pediatric OT at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy address?

At Hand in Hand we offer pediatric occupational therapy that benefits children that may be struggling with developing skills such as, children with ADHD that are unable to keep focused when reading on writing. At Hand in Hand, we address the following skills; 

  • Cognitive skills: which includes remembering and retaining letters, shapes and sequences
  • Fine Motor skills: includes finger dexterity, wrist and forearm control, and strengthening of the hands
  • Gross Motor skills: balance and bilateral co-ordination
  • Self-care tasks: dressing and undressing, bathing and self-feeding
  • Social skills: listening and following instructions and understanding the concept of taking turns
  • Sensory Integration: noise, tactile, taste, and visual sensitivity

Approach utilized by Pediatric OT at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy
At Hand in Hand, pediatric occupational therapists utilize ‘play’ to motivate children especially when anxiety and fear is displayed during therapy. Games, toys, puzzles, songs and exercise are key tasks that children must engage in to build confidence and self-esteem. At Hand in Hand, we are highly committed in educating and offering a helping hand to those children in need to allow them to lead a quality life. We work exclusively with parents to provide simple ways in which they can help their child at home.