Orthopedic OT

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At Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy of L.I., we provide comprehensive care and ongoing rehabilitation by evaluating and implementing the management of the patient’s condition to improve both the balance and function of all matters relating to hand disorders such as, tendinitis or carpel tunnel syndrome. At Hand in Hand, Occupational therapists within Orthopedics provide non-operative interventions, preventative care and rehabilitation for a number of disorders ranging from minor fingertip injuries to more complex upper extremity disorders ranging from the shoulders, arm, elbow, wrist and hand.

Orthopedic OT Management Treatment at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy

Our team of occupational therapists at Hand in Hand assists patients to regain and improve their quality of life by managing the limitations of their conditions or injury. Patients are required to engage in daily tasks, such as, utilizing everyday tools (eating utensils, pen, etc.), handwriting, and stretching. At Hand in Hand we provide exceptional management treatments for patients who have undergone major orthopedic surgery so that they are able to regain endurance to work and live independently. Chronic conditions such as, arthritis or neurological conditions such as a stroke allow patients to benefit from effective therapeutic treatments. At Hand in Hand we employ a number of techniques and tools, such as exercise programs and activities, with an approach to managing pain to help return our patients to their highest level of function.