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At Hand in Hand, occupational therapists offer neurological rehabilitation for patients suffering from neurological conditions such as, a stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease. Our practice extends into providing physical, occupational and speech therapy for various neurological disorders. Occupational therapists at Hand in Hand are specialized in neurology and work to prevent complete deterioration caused by neurological disorders, such as, muscle dystrophy, vestibular/balance dysfunctions or traumatic brain injuries. 

Treatment for Neurological Disorders at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy

At Hand in Hand, we offer exceptional treatment and management plans tailored to meet our patient needs. Neurological occupational therapists aim to minimize the effects of the neurological disorders so patients can lead a normal life allowing them to enjoy life without any pain or discomfort. Occupational therapists are trained to administer therapies such as, visual perception techniques, or therapeutic ultrasound therapy. We also provide therapeutic exercise, stretching, equipment assessments and recommendations for patient/family/caregiver to train at home too.

In addition, we offer improved stroke recovery with gloves and dynamic splints. Splints are utilized to keep the arm and writs in a ‘neutral’ position to avoid muscle contracture for patients after a stroke. Skill-dependent physical activities help stroke patients to reinstate their brain and strengthen their muscles improving their quality of life after neurological damage. The stroke rehabilitation gloves and custom splints can help stimulate muscle movement and protect the joints while improving strength and mobility.  Patients are able to incorporate these gloves and splints not just with for occupational therapy use but also in everyday tasks to acquire a more independent lifestyle during their neurological recovery.