Manual Therapy

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At Hand in Hand, occupational therapists are committed in providing patients with an effective one-on-one care program with their therapists through manual therapy. Manual therapy focuses on providing custom care that utilizes gentle, hands on techniques and exercise programs delivered to patients by our highly skilled occupational therapists at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy.

How does Manual Therapy work?

At Hand in Hand, occupational therapists utilize evidence-based manual therapy programs and techniques to evaluate and treat joint mobilization /manipulation and soft tissue imbalance (soft tissue mobilization). During manual therapy patients experience a hands-on one-on-one interaction between the occupational therapist and the patient itself. Occupational therapists utilize specific hand placements and apply the necessary force needed to restore normal movements to both the joints and soft tissues.

Manual therapy is sometimes utilized in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques, exercises and modalities to improve patient condition more rapidly and progressively. At Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy, we are highly committed in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions that can help relieve pain and discomfort in patients who were unable to find effective treatment through other conventional techniques.

In order for patients to receive exceptional and comprehensive rehabilitative care and management outcomes, our team of occupational therapists at Hand in Hand will assess each patient needs depending on their conditions every step of the way. We devise a treatment plan that is tailored to meet patient need with a combination of therapeutic techniques available for better rehabilitative progression. 

Benefits of Manual Therapy at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy

Manual Therapy at Hand in Hand provides a number of potential benefits for our patients including; 

  • Increased range of motion
  • Reduce soft tissue inflammation
  • Facilitate movement
  • Relive pain
  • Repair tissue, extensibility and stability